All Power America APG3014 Review

When you need a small compact generator for emergency and home use, the All Power America APG3014 generator is the perfect one for you.

It's a low-end generator that can satisfy your needs. It is rather small and packs a smaller power when compared to higher classes of generators that also costs a lot more.


Even with that low price tag, it features a four-stroke engine that gives out 3HP.


Also, oil and gas will not mix anymore and that lessens your worries.

Don't expect an electric starter because you will have to use the recoil start instead, if you start up the engine.


Expect quiet operation, as this great APG3014 device has a rating of only 68 decibels.


All Power America APG3014




Producing the 2000 watts at peak power and 1200 watts for continuous output, you can really rely on this generator.


It comes with charging cables for your batteries if you need to charge them. Just plug the cables in the front panel of the generator and you are good to go.

The APG3014 also makes it easy for you to use 120 V power with the 120-DC outputs.


If you want to plug in you cellphone or MP3 players, there's a 12-volt DC outlet for that.


The tank of this best portable gas generator can accommodate 1.3 gallons of fuel every time. It also turns itself off when it has detected that the fuel is not enough anymore.

With a full tank, run time is about 9 hours at 50% load. That's a long run time of you consider how small this generator seems to be.


In terms of design, the APG generator is very compact. If you need a power source when you are going camping or boating or visiting a remote area, this will fit into your truck without hassle.


The rubber feet will prevent it from moving from its place due to the vibrations.




All Power America APG3014 Customer Reviews

When hearing the name ‘All Power America APG 3014’, a lot of strong patriotic images come to mind. The reality is not too far from that imagination, as this is one machine that is all about power.


Built to combat load shedding and electricity blackouts, the APG3014 is durable and long-lasting.

The fuel tank, air filter and drainage panel are some of the many features that have been admired by customers.


It is also very light compared to its function, which enables it to be carried around easily. It is easy to charge, and the rubber feet provide friction against the surface it stands on.


Sadly, the power might not be as high as one would expect.

With a power limit of 120 volts, the APG3014 model fails to provide a sufficient amount of electricity to powerful electronics. Thus, it becomes obsolete unless used for light purposes, which would include lighting up bulbs and other home appliances.


In the end, it does provide the necessary function it is intended to do. Because of its size and weight, it should not be used for heavy-duty action; however, as far as generators of its stature go, it is one of the best around.





Yamaha EF2000iS Review

Our family loves to go on outings and camping, and so I decided to get this Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator for such applications.


Whenever we go to a remote area where we would find no power source, I put this portable and efficient generator in my truck.

I have also used it when we go fishing with my buddies too.


So, if you are also in search of a suitable generator for your camping, boating and even construction uses, I suggest you get this and enjoy its performance.



Yamaha EF2000iS vs EF2200iS vs EF1000iS vs EF3000iSE vs EF6300iSDE

Here you will find a comparison of current Yamaha generator models.

  • Yamaha EF1000iS 1,000 Watt 50cc
  • Yamaha EF3000iSE 3,000 Watt 171cc
  • Yamaha EF6300iSDE 6,300 Watt 357cc


Quiet And Efficient

This inverter generator can generate 1600 watts running power with a maximum output of 2000 watts.

The innovative inverter technology makes use of cleaner electricity in the form of pure sine waves.


This way, you don't have to look back on the damage that can inflict by unrefined energy.

There is an overload breaker to minimize damage to the device in case of a sudden overload.


It's a very best portable gas generator that has a throttle system for adjusting the speed of the motor to compensate for the power output.

You can be assured of efficient fuel use with this feature. This makes everything easy for you so you will have optimal convenience when using this generator.


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Honeywell HW7500E Portable Home Generator Review

Are you planning for a family weekend outdoor adventure? No need of worrying about not having electricity around for Honeywell HW7500E Portable Generator would make you feel it’s as if you are just at home.

The Honeywell HW7500E generator is specially designed in a way that is quick and easy to use. The unit can be turned on by merely pushing a one-touch electric start button that is a battery-powered.


It also has color-coded control panels for safe and secure navigation. It is furnished with a lovely paint finish that makes this product a real beauty.


Honeywell HW7500E review



Honeywell HW7500E generator is one robust and dependable machine powered by a Big-Bore 420cc 4-stroke engine that is capable of producing 7,000 watts of electric current and up to a maximum of 9,375 watts.


It has a tank that could cater for up to 6.5 gallons of regular fuel that could supply electricity for up to 7 hours at 50% load.


Whatever your needs might be, may it be due to power outages or natural calamities, the best portable gas generator will power up your home appliances and other widgets such as TV, fan, refrigerator, security system and cordless phone.


HW7500e also comes with an alternator that is responsible for regulating the voltage so you can guarantee the safety of your electric-sensitive gadgets such as computer and laptops that are most susceptible to damage with power surges.

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Best Handheld Belt Sander

The best handheld belt sander is a great help when used for smoothing down rough surfaces with high speed and high strength.

These kinds of products are comprised of sanding belts, the loop of sturdy cloth that is placed over two cylindrical drums.


The drum in the back is driven around by the unit's motor while the one in the front is used to spin around.

There is usually a lever attached to the sander that helps the operator move the belt into its appropriate place.


An adjustment option is preferable since it would mean that the belt can be automatically adjusted as the user moves around in the work area.

In addition to being useful in removing stock off of woodworking, the sander is also great for clearing off old paint, varnish, and spots. The speed adjuster guarantees a smooth finish every time.

There are two kinds of belt sanders: handheld and stationary.




3 Best small Belt Sanders For Small Shop



Types of Belt Sanders


A handheld belt sander is more flexible to use since the product can be readily moved to the work area rather than bringing the work to the unit.

Handheld models usually have additional features such as an adjustable power speed regulator which makes sure that despite so much motion, the product remains in perfect balance and does not hamper any sort of work activity.

How does the sander work? It consists of a bunch of pulleys to keep putting a coated abrasive material on the wood to remove stock from it. Either the wood is kept fed to the sander or the sander is moved near the wood. 


When a belt sander is stationary, it means that it is fixed and the
work must be moved near the unit to be operated on. For the sanding to
be perfectly balanced, stationary belt sanders are usually placed on a
workbench. In such a case, the tool will be called a bench or workbench

What are stationary models specifically used for? They are used for
removing non-ferrous materials, for example, like aluminum. Although
aluminum and other such non-ferrous materials usually end up clogging
wheels, belt sanders are mostly immune to damage since the metal bits
pass the wheel by going around it.

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DEWALT DWS715 Review

Dewalt DWS715 15-amp 12-inch single-bevel sliding compound miter saw is a great tool you can use to complete quick and accurate cutting tasks, crown molding, and countless other jobs.

This saw features a powerful motor and features which make it ready to be used for various crosscutting and miter-cutting work.

This particularly is made possible by the design of the Dewalt DWS715 miter saw which is sturdy, versatile and accurate.

Dewalt DWS715 12-inch miter saw features an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate that has 11 positive stops.



DEWALT DWS715 or DW715?

You may wonder which is the correct spelling of the model number - DW715 or DWS715?


The Dewalt DWS715 is the current model that has replaced the popular Dewalt DW715 and has inherited all its advantages.


Reliable and Easy To Use

This feature helps improve your productivity as well as the accuracy of your cutting.


Bevel cuts that measure 0 to 48 to the left and 0 to 3 to the right means that it is able to accommodate bigger jobs.


The DWS715's cam lock miter handle ensures that the saw stays in place and will not slide nor wiggle.


The best saw has a built-in carry handle and weighs only 44 pounds so that you can move it around easily.


It is compatible with but does not come with the Dewalt laser system. (..)

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Dewalt DCD996 Review

In my Dewalt DCD996B review you will learn about the features and benefits of the DCD996B drill.

You will also learn about the differences between DCD996B and DCD997B as well as the new DCD998W1 drill.

You will also learn a trick that can potentially get you a set of two drills for the price of a single drill when you are shopping for the DCD996P2 drill kit.

Dewalt DCD996


Why Dewalt DCD996?

Cordless power tools such as the DEWALT DCD996B cordless hammer drill are now becoming quite a trend in the industrial tool market.
More and more manufacturers adopt the technology of having battery-powered tools instead of the conventional wired ones.
I know you must have your own case having tripped over the wire so it must be quite a relief to find cordless tools now.
The new brushless cordless drills still cost a bit extra if compared with corded drills but the ease of use and versatility usually pays off pretty soon.
The heavy-duty hammer drill/drill/driver is the best cordless drill for a lot of applications. You will find that it performs well and that it finishes the job you set out to do in no time.
Not only does it make your jobs more comfortable, but it also has a long battery life that allows you to work for endless hours.
Compared to old battery technologies, the 20-volt MAX XR batteries give you more repeated charge and recharge cycles so you can use it over and over again.

Comparison Of DCD996 vs DCD997 vs DCD998 Models


When you are looking for information about the DEWALT DCD996 hammer drill, you will soon find out that there are 2 models with similar names - DEWALT DCD996B and DCD DCD996P2.
The difference is in the box contents.
DCD996B - B stands for 'Bare-Tool' because there are 3 items in this set - the DCD996 1/2-inch hammer drill, a side handle, and belt hook.
DCD996P2 Kit - contains items from DCD996B plus battery charger, two 20V MAX 5.0Ah batteries, and a hard case called kitbox.

Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD997

The DCD996 and DCD997 basically is the same drill with one important difference.
The Dewalt DCD997 features the Bluetooth technology called Tool Connect.

Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD998

It is based on DCD996 with added Power Detect technology which provides more power when using select high capacity batteries.
The tool is available only as a kit with a new high capacity 8AH battery.







Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD991

The Dewalt DCD991 is the same tool but without the hammer drill functionality.

Quick DEWALT DCD996 | DCD997 | DCD998 Drill Review

Not only is the Dewalt DCD996 capable of handling the fastening and
drilling tasks, but it is also equipped with a LED work light in the
front that helps you light your workplace.

If you are working indoors,
you might need a light to increase visibility in confined places. This
hammer drill has this feature for your convenience. (..)

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Honeywell Hw2000i Review

If you are looking for a backup power supply, I suggest that one of the best things that you should own would be a portable generator.

In this case, one of the models that would prove to be very useful would be the Honeywell Hw2000i Portable Gas Generator, which has been famous for use in many families during outdoor trips.

I have discovered that many of its users have commended the simplicity of this portable generator as one of its benefits.

Honeywell Hw2000i Portable Inverter Generator


It can be quickly started, in the absence of all the hassles that you could possibly encounter when a different model is used.

I have written my review to help you to get the best value for your money, so make sure to carefully consider all the information that you need to know about a best portable gas generator.

This specific model from Honeywell can be the product of choice, as it promises efficiency and effectiveness, in a way that you will not suffer from complications in its use.


Honeywell Hw2000 Portable Gas Generator is the prime quality product that would bring comfort, safety, and convenience to your life whenever aggravating blackouts are around.

This highly recommended product is powered by 125cc four-stroke air cooled OHV motor capable of generating 2000 watts of electric current.

It can carry from up to 1.5 gallons of fuel in its tank and has a 5 hours working time with 50% load.

This amount of electric current is enough to power necessary appliances such as television, fans, refrigerator, and radio.

If you are you are enjoying a recreational activity outside your home, you can still experience the luxury of having electricity where you can use or charge your laptop, cell phone, iPod and other widgets with the quantity of current this machine could generate.

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Milwaukee 2598-22 Review

Welcome to my Milwaukee 2598-22 review!

If you are in a market for an affordable cordless hammer drill and impact driver combo kit, you will find out how Milwaukee will supply all your DIY and construction needs.



Milwaukee 2598-22 review

Why Milwaukee 2598-22 Combo Kit?

Have you ever had trouble drilling holes in your walls? Well, you are not the only one.

One of the biggest problems most people face when drilling is not with the walls, but with the equipment.

Sometimes we get the wrong sized drills, sometimes they do not have enough power for the walls they are being used on or just the wrong kind that messes the entire situation up.

For a quick solution, the Milwaukee 2598-22, a brushless cordless hammer drill and impact driver combo kit, is just what you need.

Drilling holes made simple with these cordless tools!



Milwaukee 2598-22 Features

This combo kit is considered to be one of the most efficient and capable in the market because of all its great features.

The hammer drill, with an all-metal chuck for the best grip, is just the right size for those small hard to reach places. The E-Cutch has consistent repeatability. With 1700 RPM power state brushless motor it makes any work super-efficient.

The impact driver also has a very compact design with its 5.1” size, a 0-3300 RPM power state brushless motor, 1300 in-lbs of fastening torque, and 4-mode drive control.

The toolset weighs 8.73 pounds and is Lithium-ion battery-driven. Its dimensions are 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches.

The 12 Volts make the entire work a whole lot easier and faster for whoever works this machine.

What's In The Box?

  • M12 FUEL™ 1/2" Hammer Drill (2504-20)
  • M12 FUEL™ 1/4" Hex Impact Driver (Tool Only) (2553-20)
  • M12 REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Battery 12V 2.0AH (48-11-2420)
  • M12 REDLITHIUM™ XC 4.0 12V 4.0AH Extended Capacity Battery Pack (48-11-2440)
  • 2 Belt Clips
  • Contractor Bag

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Milwaukee 2691-22 Review

For all of the people who would rather have things fixed on their own, compared to contacting a handyman for help, it is essential to have the right tools at home, such as the Milwaukee 2691 22 combo kit.This

is one essential that will prove to be helpful when the time comes when some repairs need to be accomplished.

Among others, one of the good things about this product is that it can last longer, after a single charge.Add

, even if you left the batteries charging, you can e assured that they will not be damaged, unlike in the case of others, which gives you more reasons to believe the durability of this product.

Milwaukee 2691-22 Review
















If you are looking for a drilling tool that will offer you a lot of benefits and help, please keep reading my Milwaukee 2691 22 review to learn why there is no more need to spend any time and effort to search for other alternatives.


The Milwaukee compact drill driver has variable speeds to suit your task. You can choose between high-speed 1-1 800 RPM and low speed 0-450 RPM. This M18 driver has 4 clutch settings and 100% much better grip for improved bit retention.

On the other hand, the M18 impact driver features a lithium-ion battery pack for longer run time.

What makes these Milwaukee batteries better than others is that it has a gauge for you to know how much battery you have left. You will find that the charge indicator is handy especially since lithium-ion batteries go dead directly when it runs out of charge.

This combo kit is a combination of heavy-duty performance and durability. When you need powerful tools for your drilling and driving, Milwaukee is the manufacturer that you can trust.


Box Contents

  • 2606-20 M18™ Compact 1/2 Inch Drill Driver
  • 2656-20 M18™ 1/4 Inch Hex Compact Impact Driver
  • 48-11-1815 M18™ Compact 1.5 Ah REDLITHIUM™ Battery
  • 48-59-1812 M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger
  • Belt Clip
  • Contractor Bag

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Dewalt DWS716 Review

With the abundance of choices that you will be confronted when looking for a miter saw for personal DIY projects, one model that can be considered is the Dewalt DWS716 miter saw.

If you are a person like me who likes DIY projects, you are most probably aware of the fact that there are different tools and pieces of equipment that are essential to have. By having them, you can have an assurance that you will be able to complete several tasks without any difficulty as you have the materials that will be required.


In this case, one tool that you might need is a miter saw.

I find this equipment a lot useful when I need to make precise cuts in the piece of wood. While I use this for personal projects, this will also prove to be helpful for those who are into professional carpentry.

In the rest of this article, you will know why I am recommending this compound saw model, and most importantly, why many others have reported a high level of satisfaction with the use of such.



Dewalt DWS716 review

Dewalt DWS716 Review

This is a brand name that has been long trusted when it comes to products that are used in carpentry and other projects at home.

Whether you are a professional or just a DIY enthusiast, this brand will surely prove to be a good choice, specifically if you are looking for an excellent saw.

Dewalt DWS716 vs DW716

In case you are wondering what is the difference between the older Dewalt DW716 and latest DWS716, here is how the manufacturer explains it.


The Dewalt DWS716 has:

  • longer base legs (..)
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