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Dewalt DCD996 Review

In my Dewalt DCD996B review you will learn about the features and benefits of the DCD996B drill.

You will also learn about the differences between DCD996B and DCD997B as well as the new DCD998W1 drill.

You will also learn a trick that can potentially get you a set of two drills for the price of a single drill when you are shopping for the DCD996P2 drill kit.

Dewalt DCD996


Why Dewalt DCD996?

Cordless power tools such as the DEWALT DCD996B cordless hammer drill are now becoming quite a trend in the industrial tool market.
More and more manufacturers adopt the technology of having battery-powered tools instead of the conventional wired ones.
I know you must have your own case having tripped over the wire so it must be quite a relief to find cordless tools now.
The new brushless cordless drills still cost a bit extra if compared with corded drills but the ease of use and versatility usually pays off pretty soon.
The heavy-duty hammer drill/drill/driver is the best cordless drill for a lot of applications. You will find that it performs well and that it finishes the job you set out to do in no time.
Not only does it make your jobs more comfortable, but it also has a long battery life that allows you to work for endless hours.
Compared to old battery technologies, the 20-volt MAX XR batteries give you more repeated charge and recharge cycles so you can use it over and over again.

Comparison Of DCD996 vs DCD997 vs DCD998 Models


When you are looking for information about the DEWALT DCD996 hammer drill, you will soon find out that there are 2 models with similar names - DEWALT DCD996B and DCD DCD996P2.
The difference is in the box contents.
DCD996B - B stands for 'Bare-Tool' because there are 3 items in this set - the DCD996 1/2-inch hammer drill, a side handle, and belt hook.
DCD996P2 Kit - contains items from DCD996B plus battery charger, two 20V MAX 5.0Ah batteries, and a hard case called kitbox.

Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD997

The DCD996 and DCD997 basically is the same drill with one important difference.
The Dewalt DCD997 features the Bluetooth technology called Tool Connect.

Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD998

It is based on DCD996 with added Power Detect technology which provides more power when using select high capacity batteries.
The tool is available only as a kit with a new high capacity 8AH battery.







Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD991

The Dewalt DCD991 is the same tool but without the hammer drill functionality.

Quick DEWALT DCD996 | DCD997 | DCD998 Drill Review

Not only is the Dewalt DCD996 capable of handling the fastening and
drilling tasks, but it is also equipped with a LED work light in the
front that helps you light your workplace.

If you are working indoors,
you might need a light to increase visibility in confined places. This
hammer drill has this feature for your convenience. (..)

Read the full review here - https://www.jackstoolrack.com/dewalt-dcd996b/!


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